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All types of sensors and temperature ranges can be found at: support>documentation

This is depending on temperature and accuracy. All available thermistor types related to temperature and accuracy can be found at the thermistor overview at: support>documentation

If you can not find the right product, one of our product specialists will be more than happy to help you. You can contact us on +31 (0)15 310 40 00.


Tasseron supplies her products mainly to manufacturers. The delivery conditions are specified for manufacturing conditions like JIT and KANBAN. Tasseron does not supply to individuals.

As an organisation Tasseron has an ISO9001:2008 certificate.
On almost all products Tasseron has CE, EN, VDE, CSA and UL approvals.
All Tasseron products are according to RoHS and REACH.
All Tasseron temperature sensors are EN60730-2-9 approved.

You can contact Tasseron during office hours from 8:30h - 17:00h, Central European Time.

Technical issues

In case of a 3-wire sensor, all three need to be connected. Two wires are then used to compensate the resistance of the (long) cable.
However the sensor can also be used in a 2-wire connection, but without the compensation function. In this case use the white wire and one of the other remaining colors.


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