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Strap-on sensors TSS


The Tasseron universal strap-on sensor is developed for indirect measurement of the medium (water) by strapping it onto a pipe. With the included tie-wrap it can be mounted onto any pipe between 15 and 90 mm (Ø5/8”...3,5”) diameter. This makes it ideal for various applications or various pipe diameters.
The sensor contact point is spring loaded to guarantee a good thermal contact. This results in a quick and accurate measurement, even over a long period of time.
Installation costs are saved by using this sensor as it is designed for quick connection. It comes in a complete set for mounting onto the pipe. The small box includes: the sensor with grommet for cable sealing, tie-wrap and a mounting instruction.

Application fields overview


  • Universal application
  • Spring loaded thermal contact
  • Screwless electrical connector
  • Including packaging, tie-wrap and manual

General specifications

Tube diameters
Ø15...90mm (5/8"...3,5")



Strap-on sensor NTC 10K
Measuring element::
NTC 10KOhm B3977
Strap-on sensor NTC 10K I
Measuring element::
NTC 10KOhm B3435
Strap-on sensor NTC 12K
Measuring element::
NTC 12KOhm B3740