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Products for the horticulture


Tasseron has a special division for products used in the horticulture. With our experience and know how we develop and manufacture the products in house and adjust the products to the current demands. The product program offers products for measurement and control. 

Application fields overview


  • Own development and production
  • Products for flow, temperature, EC en pH
  • Available from stock

General specifications

Production and stock
Flexible production and stocking guarantee your deliveries.
EC, pH, flow, moisture and temperature

Product lines

  • Valves
    Tasseron Electronics manufactures automatic valves for irrigation of ferlitizer systems in horticulture.
  • EC and pH meters
    Elmeco meters for measuring electric conductivity or acidity (pH) in your proces or application.
  • EC controller
    The EC controller (ACM-II) can be used to regulate the artificial fertilizer output into the irrigation water by controlling a tap or pulse valve.
  • Level measurement
    Plastic level detection for determination of ferlitizer level.
    This level detection can be used to determine ferlitizer level in a tank.
    The level detection tube can be supplied in several lengths from 1 to 5 meter. The systems operates with a float magnet (to be supplied separately). 
    New: The leveldetector is now available with a current transmitter 0 - 20mA.