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Heating elements


Tasseron has a wide range of heating elements in several executions:
 Electric tube heaters
Flat heating foil
Heating cable
Cartridge heaters 

All of these products can be supplied from our standard range or can be manufactured custom made.
This way you will always have the right heating element for your application. Below you can choose from several types of heating elements.



  • Standard or custom made
  • Available from stock
  • Extra options
  • High quality

General specifications

Wide range of applications
Tube, foil, cable or cartridge

Product lines

  • Electric tube heaters
    Standard or custom made electric heating tube elements for heating liquid, air, gas of for defrosting. Available in stainless steel or incoloy. 
  • Heating cable
    Sedes flexible heating cable per meter as standard or as constant power cable. 
  • Cartridge heaters
    PTC self regulation cartridge heaters with a 12mm diameter for defrost or water heating.