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Contact temperature sensors for heatpumps

Tasseron produces and supplies a special range of temperature sensors for heat pumps. The easiest way to measure the temperature is to mount the sensor on the outside of a pipe, but good thermal contact is essential. Each of the three sensors below are pipe mounted with excellent thermal contact but offer more advantages.

Waterproof and universal mounting - TSK

The pipe mount cable sensor offers a very simple yet very versatile solution. The shape of the measuring part is ideal for thermal contact with the pipe and makes mounting very easy. The sensor can be mounted with a tie-wrap or with a spring loaded chain. Most importantly, the sensor is IP68 submersible which guarantees a reliable temperature measurement on a condensed pipe.

Waterproof and quick mounting - TSB

The clip-on sensor is the ideal solution for fast and easy mounting on a pipe. The sensor model is fitted with a fixed bracket that fits exactly to the pipe diameter. Brackets are available for pipes of 9,5mm (3/8”) up to 28mm. The advantage here is that the mounting is done with only a push of the thumb, saving lots of time at installation. A short integrated cable makes the sensor IP67 around the pipe. This guarantees a reliable temperature measurement on a condensed pipe.

Universal mounting - TSS

This universal strap-on sensor can be applied onto any pipe diameter in the heat pump. It comes with a tie-wrap which makes it flexible to mount onto any pipe diameter it encounters. As this sensor has a connector underneath the snap-on cover, a cable can be laid out separately and connected afterwards. The sensor also has a spring loaded contact surface to ensure an excellent thermal contact with the pipe, even when the tie-wrap starts to lose its tightness.
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