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One size fits all temperature sensor

When dealing with various pipe diameters it can become difficult to get a suitable temperature sensor every time. The universal pipe mount cable sensor from Tasseron will take those worries away.

It fits

The pipe mount cable sensor is developed for indirect temperature measurement of the medium (water) by strapping it on the outside of a pipe. As it can be mounted onto any pipe between Ø12...40mm (ؽ”...1½”) diameter it is ideal for various applications or various pipe diameters. Use a tie-wrap or chain and spring to mount it.

Reliable measurement

The sensor has a cavity for a secure mounting and a good thermal contact with the tube. This results in a quick and accurate measurement. 
As an option this sensor can be made IP68 submersible which guarantees a reliable temperature measurement on a condensed pipe.

Custom made

The sensor can be custom made to your application. It may be fitted with a wide choice of measuring elements (NTC, RTD etc), cables and connectors.
The Tasseron Sales depa rtment will be happy to help select the best sensor.