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Duplex flue gas sensor

Measuring flue gas temperature in a boiler comes with many challenges. Boiler manufacturers need sensors to be reliable and cost effective but often they also have to serve two separate functions: controlling and safety. Do we need two sensors then?

Safety first 

Safety dictates that each function requires its own measurement. However Tasseron developed a 2-in-1 duplex sensor. It has two measuring elements in one housing: one value for controlling and another value for safety. A 4-pole connector connects the duplex sensor to two separate electric circuits.

Cost effective

Thanks to the duplex sensor, a second sensor is no longer required. Also the plastic housing of the sensor makes it very affordable and installation time is saved thanks to the bayonet mounting. 


The tube is made from Stainless steel (AISI 316) so that it is not affected by any possible condense in the flue gasses. It guarantees a reliable measurement now and in the future.  

Fast response

Boiler systems need to respond very fast to fluctuations in the temperature. With a Ø5mm thin tube the Tasseron duplex sensor has been optimised for a fast response in a flue gas. The response time is less than 5 seconds.
The sensors can be fitted with various types of measuring elements such as NTC 5K, 10K, 12K or Pt. Contact the Tasseron Sales department for more information.